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Interview Ibu Ketut

Sinds 2008 is Ibu Ketut betrokken bij de stichting ondertussen is zij de lokale manager. Een rol die zij erg succesvol en met veel enthousiasme uitvoert. Ben je benieuwd wat haar ervaringen zijn en waarom zij zich inzet voor de stichting en de school. Lees er alles over in dit interview.

Can you introduce yourself? My name is Ni Ketut Sunarmi, I was born 31 December 1967 (51 years)

Last education: high school majoring in administration

How did you get involved with the school/foundation?

I met Trudy in 2008 for the first time in the village office of Angkah, when I was a tutor for play group kids. She offered me to want to learn to be a staff to manage at the foundation at the time. After that I joined the foundation with all my limitations. and finally to this day I feel happy to help children who want to join.

What are your tasks around the school?

-Taking a child donation at the Bank, then putting it in a small bank in the village for each child's bank book, then helping the child create a child's cash book, for the child's accountability to their sponsor. - Manage the foundation money and make a report for it. - Set the guest house money and is making a report for the guest house. - service for volunteers, in making food for them. - Buying merchandise to market and selling at small stalls. - Maintain the cleanliness of the school environment.

What is your experience until now?

- Positive experience I found in the foundation, I can know with many volunteers from various countries, for that I have to learn more English and more diligent again to be able to communicate with them. Makes me know a little about them. With children, I feel very happy to learn and play with them, certainly in learning English and computer. - Negative experience, sometimes I also experience a little trouble, when new volunteers get to the foundation, because for them all new, so I have to wait patiently to serve them. With my children very disappointed some sponsor children who do not comply with the foundation rules and eventually they should be in drop out donations, it will greatly affect the good name of the foundation.

Do you have a special moment/memorie involving the school?

Yes I have memories, after five years running the foundation in the old place 9 February 2009, I feel uncomfortable again, I want to stop. but then Trudy did not allow it. In October 2013 we held a meeting with all the parents of the foundation's children, that we will move elsewhere, and finally the foundation was built in Samsaman, therefore I can not leave the foundation, I am obliged to keep helping the children who really want to join us in the foundation. All our activities started on February 28, 2014 at Samsaman.

What are you goals regarding the school and foundation?

I hope and always try to keep the school or foundation will still be active, and after the independent later that we start January year 2018, all will remain normal, if possible more advanced, with facilitates that we have now, will be able to support staff , so many children will be able to find sponsors' parents abroad, so they will be able to continue their school and be able to realize their dreams each, of course with your hard work in the Netherlands, to be able to make this happen.

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